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Familienglück zu Weihnachten - so überstehst Du es gesund

Visiting your family during the Christmas season can be accompanied by different feelings, but for most it is a wonderful time together. You come together from all generations, spend time togerther with great food under candlelight and enjoy yur time.

This makes it all the more important to take good care of yourself until then and not to bring any colds or viral infections with you, which could then potentially spread throughout the whole group and be passed on during the various visits during this time.

Accordingly, care should be taken beforehand and during the time together to minimize the risk of infection. Here are a few general tips that can be implemented for all generations.

  • Good hygiene. If you come from outside, have had a lot of contact with other people or have literally had many things in your hands, you should always wash your hands when you enter indoor areas. Especially before eating, the hands should be washed and even the youngest may already learn that this is also done after going to the toilet. If you are out and about, you should avoid touching your face and always have a hand disinfectant with you. Surfaces that are touched can be disinfected beforehand.

  • Protective measures. It is still a good measure to wear a mask as soon as you are in places with many people. We can also recommend to use the VirX nasal spray and always have it with you to keep a virus barrier in your nose (available here). And if you are not sure, you are welcome to come to us and get tested!

  • Stay active. Especially in the dark and cold winter, at the often stressful end of the year, one is less motivated to move physically and also to go out into the fresh air. But just then it is even more important to create this balance, so this is a little reminder.

  • Keep warm: Winter weather can be harsh, so it's important to dress appropriately and protect yourself situationally. A forgotten scarf can trigger a cold, so it's best to always place them handy, as well as a hat and gloves. If it is very cold, you should not stay outside for too long.

  • Sleep and rest. Sufficient rest is essential for all situations in life and also strengthens the immune system. This also includes taking care of your body so that it can fully absorb this rest and is not burdened with other physical challenges elsewhere.

  • Drink enough and eat healthy. In winter, the indoors are dry and also dry out our mucous membranes and skin. It is important to drink enough and protect the skin with cream. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is especially important in winter, when there is less choice and therefore less tempting. The body needs strength to carry us through the winter well fortified.

If you do get sick, it is important to take the time and rest to cure it, even if it "does not come at the right moment". It never does and is not a reason to weaken yourself and endanger others.


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